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Sailing Log of Whippersnapper   (2003)

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This is the log of Whippersnapper for the 2003 sailing season.


Sailing Log

  • 29th March - Launched at Dalgety Bay. The steeper slipway made it much easier that Port Edgar, and there was no need to go in the water and get wet! Sailed up to Port Edgar in sunshine in a strengthening westerly and bright sunshine.
  • 30th March - First race of the season. Three Hunter 707s made it to the start line. Three of last year's regular crew have been forced to move away from the area, so this crew were made up from those available. One crew member forgot the clocks changed, so was too late to sail! Reluctance to fly the spinnaker on the run, cost time on the first lap. On the second we tried the spinnaker but broached on the gybe and took it down. Lost more time than not flying it, inexperience showed. Results reflect enjoying the sail more that being competitive. [Course W44 Wind W4]
  • 6th April - Easter Series. Two more Hunter 707 have been launched, and all 5 made it to the start line. Only 3 on board made for hectic work on spinnaker hoists and drops and considering lack of experience on the boat did well. Scooter got a flyer of a start, and Code Z spent the race catching them. We viewed this from our position further back. We were ahead of Baltika at the first mark, but were slow getting the spinnaker up which cost us time. Later we hauled some of it back and closed on Blue Funk but not enough to get ahead of either of them. Still we had some close racing. At the finish all the 707s were reasonably close. [Course E45 Wind E3]
  • 13th April - Easter Series. Four Hunter 707's arrived at the start line (another OOD duties). Eventful start with a general recall and then an abandoned sequence. Third time lucky we were away. Headed into the time and away from the shore influence of the wind but promptly fell into a hole. Still it evened out and we rounded close to Baltika, and continued the battle them for for the run. By the next lap Scooter had caught up and the three of us were line abreast on the run. A knotted spinnaker halyard and the end of the run stopped us getting it down. After struggling for a some minutes to recover the spinnaker we had to sail the last lap without it. A good race dicing with Baltika and later Scooter but lost when we had our problems. [Course E46 Wind SE3-4]
  • 17th April - Easter Series. First evening race of the season and just my luck to get stuck in a business meeting that meant I didn't get to the boat until 10 minutes before the start. We were still rigging the boat on the pontoon when the rest of the fleet started. Dashed out to the start, a quick 720 turn and off to chase the others, wait a minute what's the course? The OOD had taken the course signs down, we were that late, lets follow the others. Being late I had not had time to check the tides, thought it was low water (slack) and headed for the best wind. That turned out good for the first leg and we were not even last boat around the mark! The same tactics were wrong for the rest of the race and there was a strong ebb tide and typical light evening wind. We sailed around passing some of the slower boats and enjoyed our sail. When the results were posted we were surprised to find that we had actually beaten some boats! [Course Unknown (see commentary, probably E46) Wind SE2-3]
  • 20th April - Easter Series. A strong NE wind greeted us and a strong flood tide dictated the tactics. Only 3 Hunter 707's were out (a forth on OOD duties). We started well and were a head of some of the bigger boats into the first mark. Misjudged the tide slightly and hit the mark, accompanied by shouting from the boat behind, who did the same thing. Synchronised pirouettes before we put the spinnaker up. Judging the point to drop the spinnaker was difficult as the tide pushed one passed the mark. Managed to hold off the rapidly closing ‘Jetstream’ at the finish.[Course E46 Wind NE4]
  • 23rd April - Easter Series. Everybody seemed to be on holiday this week, so only 3 of us on board. Still it keeps everybody busy. 7 Hunter 707's on the water. Triangular course and a flood tide dictated the tactics but there was less wind inshore. There were some close battles in the 707 fleet, not that we were that near! [Course E46 Wind NE3]
  • 30th April - Wednesday A Series. The heavy rain stopped and a decent breeze was more than was hoped for when looking out of the office window during the afternoon. Six 707s were on the start line for the first of the Wednesday series when the Hunter 707 get their own start. Due to one crew member being delayed in traffic we were rushed for the start line, but unlike a few weeks ago were there just in time. The fleet spread out for the first beat but all arrived quiet close on at the windward mark. We were in close battle with Breaking Wind, but they broke the spinnaker pole on the run and dropped back. The triangular course involved a gybe on the run so we tried a windward spinnaker hoists. Where they quicker than re-rigging the spinnaker gear? Jury is out on that one. We never quiet caught Jetstream or Blue Funk (who dropped back after a rare mistake). Good sail. [Course E8 Wind SE3]
  • 7th May - Wednesday A Series. The forecast was for rain and high winds but as we arrived at Port Edgar it was sunny and a fair wind. 7 Hunter 707's were on the start line and with a Southerly wind it was a short reach to the first mark followed by a spinnaker run across the river. All the 707's were in close company as we turned for the beat back across the river. We were catching the Baltika and Scooter as the wind started to rise. Within a few minutes it had risen 2 points, and it was a struggle to make the windward mark. Got knocked down a couple of times, then put a reef in and were still getting knocked down as the gusts came off the land. Time to protect the crew and boat at took the decision to retire (along with about two thirds of the fleet). All back safely with only the loss of the wind hawk for an exciting sail. [Course W25 Wind SSE4-6+]
  • 14th May - Ladies Race. Five 707s joined with the fast handicap fleet for the annual ladies race. All boats had a female helm, for Whippersnapper Mary helmed. A close reach to the first mark, where we were in a bunch of bigger boats. The next leg was also beat as the wind veered through North to NE. Picking the best route on this leg was impossible and there were several major gains and losses. The wind dies as we approached the 'leeward' mark but we rounded and put the spinnaker up, in a SE zephyr. Drifted along until a breeze filled in from the NE and we made the most of this to finish ahead of fellow 707s 'Breaking Wind' and 'Blue Funk' (who later retired). A day for the slower handicapped boats who were swept along as the breeze filled in. [Course W5 Wind NW2->Var0->NE2]
  • 17/18th May - Hunter 707 Coaching Weekend. Tom from Doh! had kindly given up his weekend to fly up to Scotland to give the Scottish 707 fleet some coaching. Seven of the Port Edgar based boats attended, Despite the forecast for some wet and miserable weather we managed to dodge the showers and get a variety of different wind strengths. Tom set us various exercises with spinnaker handling, roll tacking, speeding up and slowing down. With regular briefings we all had a lot to take in, now we have to remember it and go out and show those who didn't attend that we can put it into practice. A longer report on the event is available here. [Winds S2-4]
  • 25/27th May - Bell Lawrie Scottish Series. There is longer report for this major event.
  • 4th June - Wednesday A Series. Now that the 707's are back from the Scottish Series there was a good turnout of 8 Hunter 707's for this race. Rain and very light winds at the start made a gentle start. After a short fetch to X it was a run across the river. The wind died to almost nothing and all the 707s had difficulty keeping the spinnaker drawing. Many of the 707s changing position as they picked up a puff of wind. After what seemed ages a slight increase in the wind found us in a favourable position at the leeward mark. We broke away from Jetstream but Code Z and Blue Funk had got well ahead. On the next legs continued to catch Blue Funk and by the finish we were alongside them but could not break through before the finish line and they got us by half a boat length. Third 707 and third on handicap in the fast fleet we were very pleased. Interestingly in the fast handicap results Hunter 707s were placed first and last. [Course W25 Wind SSW 1-2]
  • 11th June - Wednesday A Series. Seven of the regular 707's we out for this club race. The first beat up to mark T had the wind all over the place, sometimes we tacked without changing heading. The wind had settled down for the close reach across the river. We chose to fly the spinnaker but Baltika didn't. Initially they got passed us, but then we got inside them at the gybe mark. We needed a quick gybe to keep clear of other boats, but wrapped the kite around the forestay. In sorting that out others got ahead. By the final beat we were fast catching '64' but needed another 500 metres to get passed them. [Course W5 Wind NE-SW 1-2]
  • 18th June - Wednesday A Series. The wind was rattling the halyards in the marina as we arrived. The seven Hunter 707's that turned out all put in at least 1 reef (South coast boats please note!). The OOD had set a course with a long beat up the river against the big waves. We timed our start well and kept out in the last of the tide. Some boats went inshore (out of the favourable tide) but did well in the flatter water. Very few spinnakers were flow on the short downwind leg, Code Z being the only 707 to do so. On the reach we worked our way past Jetstream. Baltika caught up a lot as they used full main on the reach. However once back on the beat we could hold our own, even if the helm lost his footing in a gust and surprised the crew with an involuntary tack. On the second run the wind had eased just a little and we took the reef out. Definitely a night for the bigger boats, but the 707s did not disgrace themselves. [Course W14 Wind SW6]
  • 25th June - Wednesday A Series. Last of the Wednesday A Series and the top three places in the series held by Hunter 707s; this race would decide the final order. Bright sunshine, warm weather meant we could discard the waterproofs for once. Nine 707's turned out for the race, our best showing yet. The fleet spread out on the first beat but our choice was not the best 6th 707 round the mark. A slow spinnaker hoist and gybe dropped us back but when when up we had good speed and closed on the other boats. Passed Jetstream when they cut too close inshore and ran aground. Picked our way carefully on the beat trying to keep in the wind and out of the tide. Nearly caught Scooter and Blue Funk by the end of the second run, kept the pressure on and managed to stay out of the holes on the second beat and get past both of these also closed the gap on Baltika. [Course E22 Wind ENE3]
  • 2nd July - Wednesday B Series. A record turnout of Hunter 707's, 10 started. A strong ebb tide and light winds dictated the course. Confusion on the start line saw some of the 707's getting a late start so positions were changing on the first beat. We kept well clear and were well up on the first beat until the usual front runners got their act together. We mixed it with various boats during the race. Eventually Jetstream and Blue Funk getting the better of us in the end. Again we had a different crew on board and were slow to get the spinnaker up on the last hoist this cost us the position with Blue Funk. The racing was much closer than the results suggest. [Course E46 Wind E2]
  • 9th July - Wednesday B Series. Another good turnout of 707's. It was tee shirt weather with a steady SW wind, what a nice evening for a sail. During the race we were involved in some close racing with other 707's, in particular Breaking Wind who came through on the last run and managed to hold on for the final beat. [Course W25 Wind SW3]
  • 16th July - Wednesday B Series. After a hot and sunny most were surprised to find a strong easterly blowing when they arrived. With wind against tide made for some big waves. Most of the regular 707's were out. We got a good start and headed out into the maximum of the tide for the long beat down past the oil terminal. For a short time we led the 707 fleet through the rail bridge, but then seemed to loose the tide. Plenty of big waves and water coming over the deck. Once round the mark we declined to fly the spinnaker but were still rewarded with an exciting run, surfing down the waves, 10.5 knots at one point and extended our lead on Breaking Wind and Baltika. Completed the remaining (small) laps using the spinnaker on the downwind legs without incident (while watching some others broach!). Arrived back with a wet but happy crew after and exciting sail. (Note for the combined fast yacht results, all the leading 707's flew their spinnakers on the first leg. Click here and select the 16/07/2003 race.) [Course E13 Wind E5]
  • 23rd July - RNLI Pennant Race. The usual group of Hunter 707s came out for this race. Confusion in my crew organisation and call-offs left us sailing 3 up. With the southerly wind and a few missing marks, the OOD set a course that was all reaches. After the close reach down to 'L' mark we gybed round with some other 707s and just ahead of Suspicion (Sigma 33). On the reach back Suspicion pulled ahead, and then tried their spinnaker, this slowed them down and we passed them. Ahead Scooter ripped their old spinnaker, and Baltika was struggling to hold their's. As the course went back and forth under the bridges the wind was gusting both in strength and direction. On the final lap we found ourselves ahead of Suspicion (again) but they powered past on a close reach as we where hampered by our lack of crew weight. Confusion over the last mark ('T' replaced the missing 'X') meant some boats sailed for the wrong mark. We picked up a few places here. We sailed the whole race without the spinnaker and only one tack (not at a mark). A poor course but probably the best the OOD could manage given the conditions. [Course E23 Wind S3]
  • 30th July - Wednesday B Series. Eight 707 turned out for this race. A strong ebb tide and light easterly dictated the tactics. We were a little late for the start after heading down tide to practice with the spinnaker and not allowing for the strong tide. We (and a few others) noted the course as E3. We set off to catch the others. Keeping out of the tide up to the G we passed some of the 707s by keeping out of the tide. Not all the boats went around 'G', they were heading for 'B' and sailing E7, total confusion. Taking the majority vote we followed the others, heading for 'S', but that mark was missing. The leading boats informed the OOD who has no choice but to abandon the race. The course confusion appears to be because the course were not displayed in the 'standard' order. Since it was a nice evening, we sailed on for a bit and gave the crew a chance to helm. [Course E7 or E3 Wind E2]
  • 6th August - Wednesday B Series. Eight seems to be the normal turnout for 707s, but not always the same eight. Seeing a light wind and strong tide, we started near the breakwater and headed south of the bridge pier, and could still lay the mark. Fought off advances from Baltika and led the 707 fleet around the first mark. A close reach to the next mark, Blue Funk did a good spinnaker hoist and got through. A late gybe at the mark by us let Jetstream inside and they got ahead. Baltika close behind and Scooter chasing too. And that all on the first beat/run. We all held positions from then on, we kept getting close to Jetstream but then they would pull away again. We pulled away from Baltika and on the last beat Scooter had got passed Baltika (but that didn't count once the wind back occurred). The faster yachts finished the full course, but the winded died for the slower yachts and the OOD applied the club's wind back rule (designed for these situations), so the results at the end of lap 2 applied. If only we knew why we had the extra boat speed this week. [Course E4 Wind NE2]
  • 13th August - Wednesday B Series. Seven 707's were out but for unknown reasons only 5 made it to the start line. All the 707 stared with a reef in as we started to beat up the river. Code Z and Blue Funk got the best start and were neck and neck for the early part of the race. We started close behind Jetstream but they slowly pulled away. With Breaking Wind starting behind us the was (unusually) little changing of places in this race. On the run down from S a well executed gybe (with spinnaker and yet another different crew) kept Breaking Wind behind who with their quicker hoist had closed the gap. Shook the reef out on the final run as the wind eased a little. [Course W17 Wind W4-5]
  • 20th August - Wednesday B Series. Most of the 707 regulars turned out for the last of the Wednesday B series. The overall fast handicap series is still close with Scooter from the 707 fleet in with a shout. Stronger winds during the day and wind against tide left a choppy sea for the beat up to the first mark. Got blanketed by a fast starting Scooter and had to make a couple of tacks to get some clear air. All the 707 fleet close at the first mark for the short reach across the river, pulled back a couple of places and then caught Breaking Wind on the run. Joe Blob was just behind. Scooter had a bad beat and we nearly caught them. Kept with them for the rest of the race. A good result for Whippersnapper considering we only had 3 regular crew plus one last minute addition. [Course W7 Wind W3]
  • 27th August - Night Series. Eight 707's appeared for the first of the Night Race Series. A strong ebb tide and easterly wind dictated the start tactics as Whippersnapper led the fleet to the windward mark, just ahead of Baltika. A close spinnaker run followed as we diced with Baltika. Our poor gybe let Baltika through, but by the end of the beat we had got the lead back. On the second run we took the obvious course but fell into a hole in the dying wind. Had to watch Baltika, Blue Funk and Scooter sail by as they stayed in the stronger wind. Jetstream came from no where on the last beat (5th to 1st) as the first 5 707s finished close together. The close racing making it all the more enjoyable. [Course E31 Wind E-SE 2]
  • 3rd September - Night Series. Forgot to write this up immediately, so details are hazy at best! Got a good start and recal trying to keep away from the cliffs at North Queensferry only to fall into a wind hole while Scooter (close to the cliffs) sailed by. Unsuccessfully tried to catch them after that. [Course W34 Wind W2-3]
  • 17th September - Night Series. Six 707's enjoyed the steady westerly wind for this race. Starting at almost high water made the start tactics easier. We were second just behind Jetstream at the first mark with Baltika and Blue Funk close behind. On the long run to N through the bridges we had some good surfs when the gusts came. On the beat back up we had to do a less than optimal course to avoid some shipping, which let Baltika through. We chased then hard but never quiet caught them. Good racing. [Course W34 Wind WSW 4]
  • 21st September - Queen Margaret Trophy. Four 707s joined the fast handicap fleet for this FIG race. We were a little late in starting but had boat speed on Baltika and passed them on the first beat. A quick spinnaker hoist and we worked our way passed Silver Dollar on the run. The wind became lighter as we passed Inchcolm and was patchy as we rounded the leeward mark. Code Z was well up and we had a good lead on the other 707s Baltika and Swordfish (ex-Suzie Q). On the beat the boats split north and south of the river. We and Baltika went north, Swordfish when south. South was the place to be and Swordfish cross tacked ahead of us after we drifted in lighter winds. The wind suddenly filled in and had a good race with Swordfish closing and cross tacking up to the rail bridge. When the wind died to nothing and we spent the next 45 minutes drifting to the finish line. Those boats who held the wind got a big advantage, very frustrating. [Course W56 Wind SW0-4]
  • 24th September - Night Series. Seven 707s made it out for this night race. An excellent call by George saw us starting with speed right on the gun. A quick check that there was no recall flag and we were off. A close fetch up to mark T. Blue Funk and Scooter below us. Rounded the mark just ahead of Blue Funk but Scooter could not lay the mark and had to tack. A spinnaker run across the river a late gybe put us on starboard to have the advantage on Blue Funk (on port) at the next mark. A beat up the river and Blue Funks extra crew weight gave them the advantage as they pulled ahead. In turn we pulled away from the rest of the 707s. Very close spinnaker run down the river, with a couple of broaches in the gusts. An early drop (which got the spinnaker wet!) and then a 2 sail reach in to the mark, just beating Alouette to the mark. Held Alouette on the close reach back across the river. Closed the gap on Blue Funk as we reached across to Q for the last time, but not enough to pass them. Finished as second 707, but first in the fast fleet on handicap - my first win at Port Edgar. Great sail. [Course W38 Wind SSW 4]
  • 4-5th October - Carl Dyson Regatta. A total of 13 boats entered the Hunter 707 class at the PEYC Carl Dyson Regatta. It was also the class's Scottish Championships. Thanks to the visitors who made the effort to come. Racing was generally close, we had a close tussle with one boat or other in most races. Black Sheep showed what they were made off with an impressive set of results, but overall second to forth were only a 2 points apart. Local boat Code Z would have been there too if they had not retired with a broken rudder. For Whippersnapper Duncan and Fiona came up from Oxford so we were back to our Scottish Series crew. Off loading the tactics allowed me to concentrate on helming and we generally had better boat speed than recent form would show. In one race we managed to out pace Jetstream from the last mark to the finish to pick up a place. In another bad choice on the first beat had us last at the first mark, but we fought on and managed to beat 3 other boats. And in another Code Z got slightly too close, in club racing they have usually been well ahead. As Duncan says "our results were a little disappointing, but we sail in a very competitive fleet and showed that we can mix it with the front runners if we get the tactics right." The racing was certainly a step up from the club racing that we are used to. It was an enjoyable weekend with a good wind, next year we will order some warmer weather. Doh! came to defend her Scottish Champion Crown and Black Sheep convincingly won it, both boats having travelled up from the Hamble, one day we may get a Scottish winner. With Eh! (the other visiting boat) 2nd and Doh! 4th it was a good day for the visitors. [Course, windward/leeward, olympic and trapizoidal, Wind W-SW4-5]
  • 12th October - Autumn PM Series. Not everybody appears to be ready for the switch to weekend racing. Only 4 Hunter 707s came to the start line for the afternoon race. And I admit we were there to make up the numbers. It is not just the owners most of my crew seem to have organised something else for the weekend, so with just two on board it was going to be hard work on Whippersnapper. As expect the fully crewed Eh! and Blue Funk headed off into the lead, and had a close battle all race. Swordfish mis-judged the tide at the first mark and were forced to tack. We weren't last round the first mark! Forthunatly the run did not require a gybe with the spinnaker, not sure how we would have done that two handed. Still we kept ahead of Swordfish, but on the beats with the extra crew weight they were closing all the time. We kept ahead of them for two laps and were only a few boat lengths behind at the finish. Enjoyable but not really competitive. [Course E46, Wind E2]
  • 26th October - Autumn PM Series. Still disappointing to see so few 707s out for the Sunday racing. The strong tides and light winds promised a tactical race. We started well, just behind Eh! and Joe Blob. Someone was over at the start, Jo Blob went back but the recall flag was still up, we judged it wasn't us. Stayed in the tide for the first leg and were first 707 to the mark. Joe Blob caught on the next leg as we got caught in the wind shadow of Naiad (starting 5 minutes earlier). Very close at the leeward mark with 3 707's and a gaggle of fast handicap boats all rounding together. Still close in the 707's for the next lap, then the wind died. We pressed on as the other 707's retired. Eventually the wind filled in enough to get around the course and finish, only to find the results wound back one lap. So we ended up as second 707, and first on rolling handicap. [Course W2, Wind W1-2]
  • 2nd November - Autumn PM Series. Only 3 707's - where have they all gone? We were greeted with sunshine and southerly force 3, not the forcasted rain and force 5-6, not complaining. With only three boats and Whippersnapper being short handed, were were going to struggle to keep up. A course change swapped the missing 'F' for 'K' giving a triangluar course but no real beat. I had expected Scooter and Eh! to have a close battle, but Eh! pulled out a good lead and we were closer to Scooter at the end than I expected. The lack of crew weight and slower spinnaker handling contributing to some of that gap. [Course W49, Wind S3]
  • 9th November - Autumn PM Series. Six 707's were on the water for this race. The course was a 'windward-leeward' type. With two crew who had never sailed with me and the regular foredeck crew away, there was going to be a steep learning curve. Right on the line at the start, and headed off for the stronger wind in the middle of the river. Others tried to keep out of the tide but that proved to be the wrong choice. Third around the windward mark. Kept that position for a couple of laps, but Scooter and Eh! were closing after their earlier tactical error. Scooter got level on the final run after we dropped into a light patch of wind at they were far enough away to avoid the hole. Slick spinnaker handling on Eh! got them closer at the final mark. While a poor rounding by us meant we had to fight off the attentions of Swordfish on the last leg. Enjoyable racing. [Course E46, Wind E2-3]
  • 16th November - Winter PM Series. Another sunny autumn day greeted the 6 707's who turned out for the afternoon race.An ODM that was not near the start line caused some confusion at the start but most started well out in the river. The first beat had the typical dilemma of go out into the tide and get the wind or keep to the south, out of the tide and also out of the wind. Whippersnapper found a "middle way" and rounded the first mark in second place. Code Z close on our tail until the gybe mark where their slicker handling gave them and edge. The next beat saw the boats separate across the river, but each time they came back together there was nothing in it. Places often changing. Unfortunately we could not match our speed on the first beat and we dropped back a little. Four of the 707’s finished within a minute and a half after two hours racing. A good close race as it should be. [Course W14, Wind W2]
  • 23rd November - Winter PM Series. Again the sun was shining but this time there was no wind. The morning race had already been cancelled due to lack of wind. Whippersnapper started well and almost immediately the 707 fleet spread out across the course to find the wind. Initially we had some wind and were well up, but lost that towards the end of the beat. Boats that went south first picked up the new wind and got to the windward mark first. At this point the some fast boats (starting 5 minutes ahead of us) and some of the slow boats (5 minutes behind) were all mixing it together such was the difference in finding the wind on the beat. Once on the run we glided passed Breaking Wind but the increasing tide held us back at the gybe mark and even more so at the leeward mark. By the time Breaking Wind got to the mark the tide was too strong to make it round. In increasing tide just had the effect of spreading the fleet out. All very frustrating. [Course E2, Wind E0-1]
  • 1st December - Winter AM & PM Series. Whippersnapper was not actually sailing, it was our turn to do OOD duties. The forecast was for light winds from the south and that's just what it turned out to be. For the morning races the wind was slightly stronger and most boats managed to get around the short courses, in the afternoon there was even less wind. The dinghies and sportboat courses had the better of the patchy wind and these classes managed a result. Not the best of sailing days but dry and sunny. [Course vraious, Wind S0-1]
  • 7th December - Winter PM Series. Five 707's ventured out but I suspect some had looked at the forecast and decided to stay at home. Very little wind as we set off on one of the smallest courses possible. A close reach to mark X saw the 707s catch up (and pass some) of the fast handicap fleet (5 minutes ahead). All 707 close together at the mark, Whippersnapper keeping closer to the mark and passing Breaking Wind and Swordfish. Not really enough wind to fly the spinnaker but we tried, and dropped it towards the end of the leg. Rounded the leeward mark close hauled and then tried to run back to the finish. Eventually decided that since the tide was building and the finish line was getting further away we would motor home before we were timed out. As it happens only Blue Funk got a finish. A nice sunny day but a shade more wind would be nice! [Course W48, Wind Var, mainly SW 0-1]
  • Latest Entry: 14th December - Winter PM Series. Silly hats were the order of the day for the final race of the season. After 3 weeks of light winds, at least there was some wind this week. Our sail didn't start well, a practice hoist of the spinnaker saw the halyard up the mask without the sail. We couldn't retrieve the halyard. Then we were in a bunch of boats over the start line and had to return. Still we weren't last at the first mark have got past Breaking Wind and Swordfish. Once the run we managed to keep these behind us even without our spinnaker. We got caught up with the slow boats starting as we came through the start line and this let Breaking Wind get an advantage on us. As the wind veered round to the North the run became too tight for the spinnaker (which was to our advantage) and we pulled out from Swordfish. At least we had a decent sail for the last of the season. [Course W42, Wind W->N 3]

    2002 Log

    Footnote : In this log, unless otherwise stated we are competing in the Port Edgar Yacht Club club races. The Hunter 707's currently race within the fast handicap yacht class using rolling handicaps. But for the main series racing the 707 start 5 minutes ahead to effectively give a 707 class start. So on the water we consider ourselves to be are racing against the other Hunter 707's. The most recent race results are published on the PEYC web site as are the extracted Hunter 707 results.

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