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Sailing Log of Whippersnapper   (2005)

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This is the log of Whippersnapper for the 2005 sailing season.


Sailing Log

  • Sunday 3rd April - Easter Series 1. In our eagerness to get the sailing season underway we managed to cross the start line a fraction early. Constrained by other boats we took some time to get back over the line. Even so we have caught and passed a couple of boats by the first mark. By the second lap the light easterly wind became patchy. On the final run the wind was all over the place and suddenly filled in from the SW. Good work by the crew to drop the spinnaker and get the jib up and then to re-hoist the spinnaker for the final leg. Had some close racing with Bluestreak, Blue Ark and Kermit. [Course E5, Wind NE2 becoming variable then SW3].
  • Sunday 10th April - Easter Series 2. The halyards were rattling as we walked down to the boat indicating that there was plenty of wind. Left the dock early to practice a little before the race. Decided that one reef was needed. Came to the line on port but tacked over just before crossing. There were some big waves in the middle of the river so tried to stay to the south but still in the tide. Behind Bluestreak and Blue Arc at the first mark, but Kermit overstepped the mark and we round ahead of them. A 2 sail run across the river dodging 2 ships as they came through the race course. Passed Bluestreak and Blue Arc and were close behind Jezebel who was held up by the shipping. Headed down to 'K' but the mark was missing. Tacked back up to the start but the race was abandoned. The log recorded a maximum of 11.8knots (no spinnaker and one reef). Stopped on the fuel berth to stow the sails. Then as too windy to motor into our down wind berth, pulled in the pontoon upwind of our berth, and lowered the boat back on a long warp. [Course W14, Wind W7]
  • Sunday 17th April - Easter Series 3. The south wind was deceptive with virtually no wind at the clubhouse. Rigged early and went out for a little practice before the race. Clearly more wind away from the south shore. Unlike previous weeks we got a clean start. Got out pointed by some of the bigger boats on the first beat but were up with Carolina and Kermit at the first mark. The spinnaker sheet detached itself on the hoist and we took a while to recover. Had to re-pass Dram on this leg. At the gybe mark some shouting as Carolina barged (illegally) their way in. Had some close (on the water) racing with Kermit and Carolina for the rest of the race. Frequently exchanging tacks and the advantage of better wind. On our rounding of mark Y we managed to snag the ground tackle and drag the mark for a while. We were not the only one as Kermit tried the same as she finished just ahead of us. [Course E10, Wind SE2-3]
  • Wednesday 20th April - Easter Series 4. The race fell on a low water neap tide which made the tactics easier. A little bit late for the start but crossed the line at speed and tacked into clear air. Avoided the other boats on the first beat through the bridges to L. A clean spinnaker hoist and we were close on the transom of Kermit and EuRoBo. Kermit took it wide at the gybe mark and we nipped into the gap. Worked our way past Kermit and EuRoBo on the run across the river. The wind had strengthened on the next reach and we surfed down some of the waves going around the outside of the road bridge pier before close reaching into G mark. Kept good boat speed for the last short round and pulled out our lead on Kermit and were closing the gap on Shoki. Arrived at the leeward mark a bit quicker than expected meaning a rather quick spinnaker drop was called for. A well sailed race and we were rewarded with a 4th place. Definitely one of our better results, considering the competition. [Course E8, Wind ENE4]
  • Sunday 23rd April - Easter Series 5. With most of the crew doing other things and Phil confined to his sick bed. Duncan was left to pull together a last minute crew. Calling on old friends Cathy and Joe and picking up Richard and Sue just before the start. Apart from regular crew member Duncan none of the others had sailed on a 707 before. Whippersnapper headed out to a pleasant 12-15 knot easterly breeze in hazy sunshine. Completely got the start wrong (blame the skipper) and then got driven over by the bigger on the one sided beat up to mark L. Recovered a couple of places just before the mark but once again got driven over on the fine fetch across to N. Got passed Blue Ark on the run to G but a bad spinnaker gybe put us at the back of the fleet again. A good beat saw us recover a couple of places with the crew beginning to came together. Over the next couple of circuits, opened the gap on Blue Ark & Dram and pulled back on Naiad but were just pipped to the post by them at the finish. [Course E10, Wind E4]
  • Wednesday 28th April - Easter Series 6. At last some other 707s come out to joint us, Code Z and Jetsream joined in. A westerly and a maximum spring ebb tide were going to make the start difficult; there was only one obvious route up the first beat and everyone would want that. We started on port and ducked through a gap in the starboard starters. This gave us clear air but we were in more tide. The strong tide caught a number of people out including us and we were forced to make extra tacks to clear the west breakwater. The downwind leg to G and a close reach over to K were uneventful although we squeezed passed Bluestreak. The strong tide at K made it hard to get away for the rail bridge and by now the wind was dying, Bluestreak did better and got back passed us. A beat against the tide up to the finish line where the OOD had thankfully shortened course. The impossible start set the tone for the race, not the best of days. [Course E5, Wind SW3->2]
  • Sunday May 1st - Bosuns Locker Trophy. It may have been May but it was raining heavily for the First of the Trophy races. No other 707s out. We were a bit short of the line at the start but tacked into clear water and let the rest of the fleet get in each others way. Most of the bigger boats were sailing with No 1 Jibs which gave us a chance to keep up with them. A long beat down the river and we were not far behind Kermit and Shoki at the windward mark, Suspicion and Bluestreak behind. A poor spinnaker hoist cost us a little time but we were still catching Kermit with 2 sails. Finally got the kite up and romped past Kermit briefly hitting 10 konts. As we reached mark W the wind lightened but still held station with the boats around. A little more wind at Boness as we started the beat back to Port Edgar. The wind then died and the bigger boats now with their big overlapping genoas pulled away. Eventually finished just behing Suspicion and Kermit. The rain and then the failing wind took the edge off what should have been an enjoyable sail, even the result was a disappointment. [Course E57, Wind ENE5, later E3]
  • Wednesday 4th May Wednesday A series 1. Four 707s came out for the first class start of the year. We ran out of space at the start and crossed the line last of a tightly bunched group. The short handed Code Z got the best start and pulled out a short lead. We crossed tacked with Jetstream but they lead as we rounded the first mark. Nothing changed on the short fetch across the river but on the long beat up the river Blue Funk pulled out a lead as Code Z (sailing 3 up) dropped back. Again we exchanged places with Jetstream. Another short lap and we were again close to Jetstream but just managed to pip the struggling Code Z at the finish. Close racing but would be nice to have more boats out. [Course W19 Wind W4-5]
  • Wednesday 11th May - Wednesday A Series 2. Breaking Wind joined the same group to have 5 707s on the water this week. Sunny evening but light winds with a strong ebb tide. Started a bit further out that would have liked but in clear air. Tacked into the marina entrance and nipped around the breakwater. The tide holding us back all the time. Blue Funk had the lead at this time and continued to extend on the long beat up the river. Breaking Wind took a flyer and left ourselves and Code Z at the back. Long run down the river was a precession. Blue Funk hit the leeward mark and Jetstream nipped through when the took a penalty. Thankfully the OOD shortened the course in the dying wind. [Course W17 Wind WSW2]
  • Wednesday 18th May - Four 707s ventured out into the damp, variable and flukey conditions. Duncan skippered Whippersnapper as work commitments kept Phil away. After an excellent start, it was a case of trying to find the best wind up the first beat to K. Although Whippersnapper led the fleet for the first two thirds, the tide began to kick in and we lost out to Jetstream just short of the mark with Blue Funk on our tail and Breaking Wind 10 lengths further back. River traffic forced an early gybe allowing Blue Funk to nip through in the very light winds up to G. The positions remained unchanged until the next circuit. Jetsteam and Blue Funk had managed to get well clear and Breaking Wind sneaked through to drop us to last place just before Q. Again the next couple of legs saw the positions remaining static. After rounding Q on the last circuit an early gybe put us past Breaking Wind. In the meantime, Jetstream and Blue Funk messed each other up resulting in all four 707s rounding X within a 100 yd radius with ourselves in second place (Blue Funk having hit the mark). The last leg saw a chase for the finish line in the very variable winds. Jetstream got clear to take line honours. We were forced to tack for the finish line allowing Breaking Wind to come up on a breeze and pip us by 14 seconds. An exciting but damp race. [Course E2 Wind SSE2]
  • Wednesday 8th June - A beautiful evening with a warm westerly - summer here at last. Again only 4 707s were out. We were a bit too eager at the start and were just over the line. A quick duck back to the correct side and then chase the others. After fighting the tide around the breakwater we were ahead of Breaking Wind and close with Jetstream. Code Z showing us the way as usual. The reach and run down to K was close between the leading 3 707's and we all started the beat side by side. Whippersnapper chose to stay out in the adverse tide and slightly stronger wind, it paid off and we rounded the windward mark just ahead of Code Z. A poor spinnaker hoist allowed them through again. At the end of the run Code Z forced us he wrong side of the mark and we had to fight back against the tide to get around the mark. This put us back with Breaking Wind. Code Z and Jetstream were covering each other so with clear air we managed to claw back some of the losses on the last round. At the finish Jetstream beating Code Z by 3 seconds. Dispite Code Z's dubious tactics an enjoyable and close race (most of the time). [Course W5 Wind SW2]
  • Saturday/Sunday 11th/12th June RFYC One Design Weekend including Scottish 707 Championships. No wind so we motored down to Granton to be greeted with the news that only 3 707s had entered, worse (for RFYC) is that the 707s were the only class to race. We headed out for the start and on time the first race was started. This was abandoned with us well up on Jetstream when the 15 minutes to the first mark rule kicked in. The race committee cancelled that rule while we hung around for the wind to pick up. Eventually the second race was started. Jetstream was a DNS so this turned out to be a match race with Code Z, shortened course with a painfully slow running finish against the tide. Sunday dawned with rain, which had cleared by the start. The first race of the day was abandoned with 1 minute to go with all three boats the wrong side of the line and being pushed away by the tide. A couple of hours later and some breeze picked up. The race committee managed 3 races with the course changing mid race to try and keep windward leeward courses. I bet they were grateful for their circle of buoys so they could always find an upwind mark. The racing was closer than the results suggest, and we managed to beat Code Z and Jetstream in different races. A little more wind would have helped but an enjoyable weekend, shame more boats did not turn up. [Wind cyclonic variable max 2]
  • Wednesday 15th June - Ladies Race. Fiona took the helm for this years ladies race. Too much encrouagement from Duncan saw ourselves and Blue Funk over the start line. After Blue Funk went back and the flag was still up, we had to go back. Clear air on the first beat and the fetch across the river (decided to was too close for the spinnaker - Dram confirmed with a broach close by). The next beat we pulled up a lot by staying on the North shore as others went for the tide. Gybed early on the spinnaker run down the river to clear our air and it paid off to have the stronger wind. Close mixing with some of the bigger boats got too close at mark F but we held on and although lapped by Absolutly finished well up considering our poor start. Well done to Fiona. [Course W23 Wind WSW3]
  • Wednesday 22nd June - Wednesday A Series - Summer had come to Scotland - warm southerly wind. With Duncan and Mary away Whippersnapper was down to 4. Only 3 707's out to play tonight. Blue Funk and Jetstream got in each others way at the start and we nipped through right next to the inner distance mark. A strong ebb tide dictated keeping close into the shore. Pulled away from the others until Jetstream tacked behind us as went nearer the shore with so little water below the keel we did not follow and lost out to them as they beat us to the mark. After the gybe mark the spinnaker run got closer and closer as the wind suddenly backed south. Blue Funk got passed as we made a mess of dropping the spinnaker, (their extra weight allowed them to carry it longer). Tacked up the shore and gently touched the bottom a couple of times (proved the echo sounder is accurate). A plesent evening sail. [Course W14 Wind SW->S 3]
  • Sunday 25th June - Social Sail. After spending the morning doing odd jobs on the boat including a trip up the mast, the weather was perfect for a sail. Sunny, warm wind summer had arrived in Scotland! Phil, Duncan and Fiona took could not miss this opportunity to go for a sail. After a short trip up the river turned around and spinnakered down through the bridges passed the oil terminal. Turned back and allowed the string ebb tide to help us back to Port Edgar.
  • Wednesday 29th June - Club Trophy Race. A cold evening, not like summer at all. A total of 5 707's turned out for this race for which we were racing with the fast handicap boats. The OOD set a large course down through the bridges for the first mark. Started on port to keep out of the tide, but had to give way to some starboard starters. Kept close to Carolina (35') and Bluestreak (Impala). Gybed early on the spinnaker run and made up ground on Code Z (without their reqular crew) and Kermit, eventually passing the latter. After the first lap not much changing of places but had to watch out for boats from the slow class. [Course E17 Wind E3-4]
  • Wednesday 6th July - Wednesday B Series - The OOD delayed the start a little to arrange for the start line to be relaid and for the wind direction to settle. With a northerly wind it was a reaching start and all 5 707s set off with spinnakers flying. Three 707s went high and then bore off into the mark, two of us sailed a more direct route. All 5 arrived at the mark line abrest. The wind was dying and we started the next leg fighting the tide. After a couple of tacks we found the tide pushing us dangerously close to the Forth Bridge. We quickly got the engine running and motored out. With no sign of the wind picking we motored home. The rest of the fleet drifted for another hour and half before they were out of time. [Course E25 Wind N2->0]
  • Wednesday 13th July - RNLI Pennent Trophy - With many of the regulars off tonight it was a mixed crew on Whippersnapper for this race. Mary took the chance to have a go on the fore deck. As she said she had watched everyone else do it now her turn to put it into practice. First beat was a bit crowded with Suspicion (Sigma 33) and Jostle (J-92) blanketing the wind. However with little tide there was less to be lost by going inshore for the better wind. Close behind Blue Funk at the first mark and we soon had the spinnaker up for the run. A good gybe and run through the bridge still in close company of Blue Funk, Suspicion and Jostle as we reached into the mark. After the next beat the positions had settled down but the crew were kept active with the short legs (and only 4 on board). Enjoyable race mixing it with the bigger boats. [Course W5 Wind SW3]
  • Wednesday 20th July - Wednesday B Series - The holiday season seems to have depleted the numbers and only 3 707's made the start line. Blue Funk made a clean start and led from start to finish. Ourselves and Jetstream exchanged tacks on the early part of the beat. Jetstream went too close inshore and ran aground. They quickly recovered but not before we had pulled ahead. The gusty conditions and waves were testing but by the first mark we had caught the last boats in the fast fleet. The run looked a little close for the spinnaker so delayed the hoist until the gusts had settled. Then good run into the gybe mark. Caught and passed three more of the fast fleet boats on the next leg. From then on it was a case of keeping out of the way of other boats and out of the worst tide. No dramas on the rest of the race and the wind held until the finish. Good sail. [Course W12, Wind W4]
  • Wednesday 27th July - The race that wasn't in the program. This was designated a trophy race so the 707's were included in the fast fleet. A strange sausage course was set with a one sided beat and a beam reach in the other direction. All the starboard starters got bunched up at the buoy and we got a good start on port behind them with Code Z and Breaking Wind. Soon pulled away from both of these and after clearing the road bridge tacked out to the better wind. Straight in to the mark and thrid boat around behing Absolutly and Eurobo. Held position on the long run. Jetstream and Kiss close behind. A slight delay in getting the pole off gave room for Jetstream to nip by at the mark. Blue Funk had clear air (we were hampered by Kiss and then Shoki) an passed on the single tack down the river. Processional after that. Course shortened after 2 circuits. Cold evening but good sail. [Course E14, Wind NE3]
  • Wednesday 3rd August - Wednesday B Series. With Jetstream on OOD duties it left just 2 707's on the water. The was a strong wind and a good chop for the first beat. We started with one reef and Breaking Wind had 2 reef in. They were making better progress on the beat so we stopped to put in the second reef. This left us well behind for the long beat up to the A mark. Too close for the spinnaker on the run but we took out both reef and started to claw back time on Breaking Wind. By the leeward mark the wind had dropped and we came up the beat with full sail and rapidly closing the gap on Breaking Wind. The OOD shortened course before we had chance to catch them. [Course W15, Wind WSW6]
  • Wednesday 10th August - Wednesday B Series. Complete contrast in the weather from the previous week. The sunshine and warm westerly wind brought all the (five) 707s out to race. To make a change Rachel swapped the foredeck for the helm to allow Phil to concentrate on the tactics and main. With the start at high water there was minimal tide to worry about. There was a close battle with Blue Funk and Code Z ahead. Breaking Wind ourselves and Jetstream also close together. By the windward mark Jetstream were ahead of us, not helped by a slow spinnaker hoist (standin foredeck claimed they were out of practice). Closed the gap on Jetstream a bit by the gybe. Passed Jetstream when they had a problem with the spinnaker. Maintained a small gap on Jetstream up the beat. Slowly extended our lead on them, but Code Z we pulling their usual lead at the front of the pack. Enjoyable sail. [Course W5, Wind W3]
  • Wednesday 17th August - Wednesday B Series. The earlier breeze tied as we started. After a short beat it was a close reach across the river. Only ourselves and Blue Funk came to the start line and although we got a better start then them we were not able to hold on to it. On the beat we closed the gap on Blue Funk but they got around the windward mark before the wind died. We were left to fight the tide and then drift down wind. Wind pickup a little at the leeward mark and we made it back to complete the first lap which also became the finish of the shortened course. A frustrating sail. [Course W17, Wind W1-2]
  • Wednesday 24th August - Wednesday B Series. The strong winds from earlier in the day had not abated when Whippersnapper, Blue Funk and Breaking Wind came out. We started with one reef in, Breaking Wind being even more cautious with 2 reefs. After a short beat to X we close reached across the river before hoisting the spinnaker. By the time we were down to the rail bridge the wind had easier and we took the reef out. Breaking Wind tacked out into the river into what should have been an adverse tide but still beat us to the windward mark. With more sail and quicker spinnaker handling we soon reeled them in. The wind continued to die and we finished with about 5 knots of breeze. [Course W2, Wind W5->W2]
  • Wednesday 31st August - Night Series. A light but steady wind for the start of the first of the night series. Found a good place to start away from most of the big boats and got reasonably clear air for the first beat. First of the 707s to the windward mark and up with much bigger boats, Suspicion, Shoki and Allouette. But once around the mark their big spinnakers took what little wind there was. Drifted around the leeward mark in virtually no wind. Stopped in a hole as the other 707s caught up. Blue Funk found a breath of wind and was suddenly ahead gaining enough to cross in front of a ship. The ship then ruined it for ourselves and Breaking Wind as we had to go around the back. The leading boats managed to keep the breeze across the river and win by a big margin as the OOD shortened course on the first lap. Not a good sail. [Course E2, Wind E1-Var0]
  • Wednesday 14th Septembet - Night Series. With Phil away soaking up the rays in Lanzarote, it was Duncan who took up the reins at the back of the boat (and wrote this report!). It was a breezy (F4) evening that greeted the crews but a lot quieter than the breeze had been during the day. A poor start and some problems with the mainsheet on the first beat put us well down the field of 16. However, after rounding D there was a short downwind led across to R where we gained some ground. A quick gybe before the mark and a decision to drop the kite got us ahead of a number of boats struggling to hold their spinnakers on the shy reach to Q. We surfed past Jezebel about halfway down the leg and held them to Q. After a short beat to Y it was back out to B on a close reach. After rounding the mark, we flew the kite and pulled out a few boat lengths on the those behind us. The last two legs were a bit processional but we held on to finish behind Blue Funk but ahead of Breaking Wind. All in all, an excellent evening of racing. Crew - Duncan, Fiona, Rachel, Gillian, Robert (Bluestreak) [Course W4 Wind WSW 4]
  • Wednesday 21st September - Night Series. Like last week there was less wind as we rigged the boat than had been earlier in the day. It had all the signs of being a typical dying evening wind. With a south wind it was a fetch to the first mark. To keep out of the tide we wanted to start as near to the breakwater as possible, so tucked in behind EuRoBo. This paid off and we were up with the bigger boats as we rounded the first mark. Others struggled with the spinnaker on the gusty close reach so we delayed hoisting until near the rail bridge. A tight rounding and got boxed in after the leeward mark. This cost a little but gave us a clear beat back up the river when we tacked. Another tight reach across the river and a beat back finished off the race. To be proved wrong the wind held and gave us a good race. Finishing ahead of many of the bigger boats we were forth on corrected time, our best fast handicap result of the year. [Course W34 Wind S4]
  • 24/25th September - Lands of Loyal Regatta (PEYC). Three of the 707 fleet plus one visitor turned out for the club's own regatta. This year the winds were kinder than the heavy rain and strong winds of the previous two years. As we motored to the start area it was clear that there would be a postponement until some wind arrived. We were racing in the sportboat class, two Laser SB3's joining the 4 707's. As it turned out the first race was to be our best result. Working our way from the back to pick off Blue Funk at the end of the run, and then Joe Blob on the beat. The race officer kept us on the water later to ensure the three races were run. Sunday was forescast for slightly stronger winds, which turned out to be the case. Two further races were run. With a sick crew member Gordon (a sometime crew memeber for Eh!) joined us. We were over the line for the first and had to duck back. Still we caught and passed Blue Funk on the run before they got back passed on the next beat. In the last race we were well up on Blue Funk until a big wind shift meant we had to bear off for the windward mark. The leading 707s decided the run was too close for the spinnaker, but we tried and were catching Blue Funk, which forced them to put up the spinnaker. The races were closer than the results suggested, in all the races we had times when we were challanging the other boats. A great weekend. [Course Windward/Leeward Wind]
  • 28th September - Night Series. Final evening race of the season. After the rain during day is turned out fine for the evening. Trying for the breakwater end of the startline we got caught up with a number of the bigger boats. Ducking around the stern of most of the fleet put us well down but tacking close inshore gave us an advantage over the other 707's. By the first mark we had made up some palces (against those who stayed out in the river). A quick hoist for the run across the river saw us pull out a lead over Blue Funk. Avoiding a ship forced us out into the river (more adverse tide) but gave us clear air. A few cross tacks with Carolina before we got to the windward mark. In the dark and blustery conditions decided agqainst the spinnaker on the run (like most others). Worked our way passed Jezebel. Carolina and EuRoBo missed the Y mark and had to turn back for it, so we took the opportunity to get past them. A short beat up from Q followed by a brisk beat across the river and back. Finshed on the tail of Carolina and ahead of Jezebel. The log showed a maximum speed of 9.2 knts. A great sail to finish off the evening racing. [Course W38 Wind W5]
  • 2nd October - Autumn Series PM. No wind at home but a fresh westerly at Port Edgar. A rush to fit a new wind hawk before the start (last one left ship on previous Wednesday) but made it to the start. No other 707's out but as we entered the 707 fleet we started at the correct time and set about chasing the fast handicap fleet. A beat up to 'S' and a close reach across the river and we were up with Niaid. On the run down through the bridges we passed Blue Ark and closed the gap on Bluestreak. Neck and neck with Bluestreak across the river to mark L but once round immediately tacked and better tactics on the beat saw us pull out a lead on them. An early gybe on the run to F plus an unfavourable wind shift forced a couple of quick gybes to make it around the mark, but apart from that the rest of the race was uneventful. Putting our corrected time in the fast fleet results would have given us third place.
  • 9th October - Autumn Series PM. Reports from the morning race said that the wind was gusty and variable in direction. Managed a reasonable start at the breakwater end of the line. Rounded the first mark just ahead of Bluestreak. Pulled out from them and closed on Shoki for the run across the river. A single close hauled leg up the river, but some fickle winds at the end forced a tack for the mark. A long close spinnaker run down the river took us lower than some other boats, so an early spinnaker drop and two sail reach into the mark. Passed Jostle when they had a problem with the spinnaker. For the next two rounds mixed it with the slower boats and they competed on a different course. Had no idea where we finished at the line, but were pleasantly surprised to get a corrected 3rd place. [Course W19 - Wind S4]
  • 16th October - Autumn Series PM. Beautiful autumn day with sunshine and a steady easterly. The OOD set a big course, and we set off towards Dalgety Bay. Not the best of starts but soon had clear air as the boats spread across the river. Worked our way past Bluestreak and Naiad before the mark. A tricky run up the river as we had to take mark B to port. Caught Blue Funk on the next beat and stayed with them on the next run, but the same tactics on the next beat did not work and Blue Funk extended their lead. Enjoyable afternoon. [Course E19 - Wind E4]
  • 23rd October - Autumn Series PM. With Phil on the reserves bench, Duncan took the helm with Fiona, Rachel, Gillian & Claire as crew. It was wet, very wet, with very variable conditions on the water ranging from F2 to F4. A reasonable start had us well placed on the beat out to N but progress was slow in the choppy sea. The substitute helm did not get the best out of the boat but we held off the slower boats as we rounded behind Jezebel. A poor spinnaker hoist was recovered for the run down to G and then onto T. Upwind the next leg, good progress was made closing the gap on Eurobo. A two sail reach from Q out to G was followed by a very shy reach back to X. We struggled with the kite before dropping it for the second half of the leg. Again, another good beat saw the gap to Eurobo further closed down but a poor decision by the skipper saw Eurobo stretch the lead by a few boat lengths. However, nifty spinnaker work by the crew saw the gap closed down again. As we passed X the search for T was on but it could not be seen until further up river it was spotted tied to the back of one of the slow handicap yachts. We rounded the mark (and boat) half-heartedly and bare-headed, and cruised back to PE expecting the race to be abandoned. The result was announced a 5th but we will have to wait and see if it will stand. A cold, wet day but an enjoyable sail. [Course ?? - Wind E4]
  • 30th October - Autumn Series PM. Once again, Phil remained on the reserves bench with Duncan continuing to yell from the back of the boat. A southerly gusty breeze saw a crowded breakwater start. Although nearly squeezed out, we managed to get on the tail of Jezebel and got a tow across to X. A good rounding behind the bigger boats and a good spinnaker hoist saw the crew pull away from the boats behind whilst hanging on to the coat tails of the boats in front. Rounding B just ahead of Eurobo saw a beat back across the river to T. On the beat, dipping Shoki put us downwind but still ahead of Eurobo and unable to tack. A close tussle up the beat to T saw both Whippersnapper and Eurobo arriving at T together. However, Eurobo was just below the layline and in trying to shoot the mark, hit it. A close reach across to F saw the spinnaker up and then down as it initially proved too tight. It also allowed the J24 to sneak through. A beat back to Y and onto X saw the gap closed on the J24 and a good spinnaker hoist saw us blast through them an the way back to F. The same marks were repeated with good gains on the boats ahead, finishing just behind Shoki. Good team work saw the crew into first overall moving us up to 2nd in the series. (Crew - Duncan, Robert, Mary, Rachel, Nicky.) [Course W24, Wind S4]
  • 6th November - Autumn Series PM. Phil was back on the helm for the last of the Autumn Series. With the good result from last week it was all to play for to secure second place in the series. Very crowded at the start as everyone wanted to keep close to the breakwater, the quick tacking 707 has an advantage as we kept out of the way of the bigger boats. A close reach across the river had us pull away from the J24 and close the gap on Bluestreak. Some poor tactics on the next leg cost us some time. It took another leg to catch and then pass Bluestreak, the J24 took a little longer (but we did pass them before the end - twice!). The following circuits were un eventful but we did enough to secure 5th in the race and 2nd in the series. [Course W27, WInd S2-4]
  • 13th November - Winter Series PM. After some arm twisting we had three 707's out and started as a class. A strong ebb tide forced everyone out of the tide and into the marina bay as we all cross tacked to get around the breakwater. Whippersnapper led around the first mark. Even with a twist in the spinnaker we managed to hold off Blue Funk until the next mark. They managered a better rounding and got ahead. On the beat across the river we closed the gap and again led at the windward mark. The next lap was very similar this time Whippersnapper and Blue Funk exchanged places when a poor gybe and a tangled sheet briefly took us the wrong side of the leeward mark. Again on the last lap we were leading until staying out of the tide and less wind proved the wrong option against more tide and wind. Blue Funk sneeked the win. Close racing where any mistake was (rightly) punished. Dissapointing not to hold off Blue Funk but a bright and sunny day giving a good sail. [Course W48, Wind SSW3]
  • 20th November - Winter Series PM. Whippersnapper was on OOD Duties.
  • 27th November - Winter Series PM. With Phil way, Duncan was back at the back of the boat to do the shouting. A poor start tucked in behind Breaking Wind meant that there was a lot to do. The short fetch to X was followed by a long beat against a strong ebb tide across to R. Blue Funk and Whippersnapper decided to head aross the river early whilst Breaking Wind opted for the south shore. Once across the river, Blue Funk and Whippersnapper enjoyed a close tacking match with the lead changing places several times. However, Blue Funk picked up a good breeze up the shore and took the lead into the mark. The distance between the bosts remained constant until halfway down the run when Whippersnapper managed to find a hole and Blue Funk slipped away. The last fetch across the river saw no change in the positions although by now. Breaking Wind had retired. 2nd place makes the series keep us within half a point of Blue Funk with three races remaining. [Course W25 Wind NW 2]
  • 11th December - Winter Series PM. The forecast was for an rather blustery SW wind, which it turned out to be. Everyone seemed to be short of crew and we were down to 4. So we were at an immediate disadvantage to Blue Funk (5 up). Started well but Blue Funk's better up wind speed had them ahead at the first mark. We delayed the spinnaker hoist for the first run as it was more of a reach which let Blue Funk extend their lead. We then followed BLue Funk around the gap closing and lengthing as the conditions changed and we avoided the shipping. Good to be out on the water, but would be better to have some more 707s around. [Course W49 Wind SW 5]
  • Latest Entry: 18th December - Winter Series PM. A cold start, but forecast to warm up and rain later. Three 707s out for the final race. Made a good start clear ahead of Blue Funk and Breaking Wind. Streached out a little lead at the first mark, and held it for the run across the river. A long beat up to mark S, and Blue Funk had the better up wind speed. They had turned the tables and had a handy lead at the windward mark. Chased them on the run down the river but never caught them. Breaking Wind were well back and Blue Funk extended the lead on each up wind leg. That is the way it finished. A good course and steady wind for the final race of the season. [Course W21 Wind SSW4]

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    Footnote : In this log, unless otherwise stated we are competing in the Port Edgar Yacht Club club races. For some club series the Hunter 707's race within the fast handicap yacht class using rolling handicaps other times they have their own class start. But on the water we consider ourselves to be are racing against the other Hunter 707's. The most recent race results are published on the PEYC web site as are the extracted Hunter 707 results.

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