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  Family Trees

With the help of my relatives I have managed to research both may parents family trees.

The Walter Tree

The Walter tree has been traced back for 7 generations.  Much of the information came from a family bible but has been considerably added to with information direct from the living relatives.

During the early part of the 20th Century the more prominent members of the family were very active in Worthing, England.  The family company store of Walter Brothers (1851 to 1971) was well known in the town.  Various members  of the family were involved with the Baptist Church and on the Town Council in Worthing.  William Walter (died August 1938) spend 43 years on the Town Council and the newspaper cutting marking his death proclaimed him as 'The Father of Town Council'.

Walter Brothers Shop

Walter Brothers Shop in Worthing, Sussex, England, circa 1965

Some family members emigrated to Melbourne, Australia but as far as I know the Walter name died out by marrying into the Carson family.

The Robertson Tree

My mother's maiden name was Robertson.  Her family came from North London, but we have traced back to John Robertson who was born in Perthshire, Scotland.  He and his family emigrated to Australia where John, his wife Caroline and at least some of his children settled near Adelaide, South Australia.

Other family members are John Thomas Robertson (died 1926) lived in Marshfield, Gloucestershire, England and to Isabella Stephens (died 1944) who lived Cattaline nr Stonehaven in Grampian, Scotland.

If you think you are related, then I'd be pleased to hear from you.

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