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E-mail Addresses and Spam Mail

It is most probable that you have been sent spam e-mail. I get a lot of spam mail and have taken some precautions in an effort to reduce the amount I receive. One of the ways that the spammers get e-mail addresses is to have a robot search web pages for e-mail addresses. If your e-mail address appears on a web page, then sooner or later you will get some spam e-mail.

In an effort to reduce the likelyhood of my e-mail address being captured in this way I have converted my e-mail address to a graphical image. Sorry to have to make you type my e-mail address, but after you have read this, you will know why.

You can contact me directly via this page.

If you missed my e-mail address, here is is again.

My e-mail address

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My e-mail address

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