Dalgety Bay
Sailing Club

Sailing Results 2009 


Current results for the Dalgety Bay Paddle. This trophy is awarded to the helm that sails in the most races during the season. This page is calculated dynamically from the dinghy results posted on this web site so you can check your progress as the season progresses.

C Morgan47
Ian Renilson40
S Moss33
G Bisset32
C Jeffries31
S Hyslop30
D Burnett27
G Mackinnon26
B Greer18
A Scott18
J Sadler16
J Mucklow14
Peter Collings13
Nicky Hay12
P Taylor12
R Thomas11
B Arnott11
P Davies11
R Higgins10
N Tosh9
B Homer9
N McLure9
G Homer8
K Cuthbert7
H Whyte7
R Millar7
A Burnett7
K Gibb7
M McClellan7
C Welsh6
A Adam6
A Ramsay6
L Henderson6
T Mucklow5
J McCaldin5
R Taylor5
G MacDonald5
J Colegrove5
Glen Bramley4
J Wilson4
R Haydock4
D Walton4
S Robertson4
M Wilkie4
JP McCaldin4
T Millar4
B Yeamans4
A Forsyth4
S Urquhart3
R Bottom3
L Spacey3
K Mitchell3
N Heron3
K Harris3
M Bottom3
K Higgins3
E Legget3
R Smith3
Jp Mccaldin3
F Greer3
A Higgins3
R Williamson3
J Mcconville2
Chris Farrell2
H White2
R Stevenson2
A Mitchell2
B Greyer2
E MacDonald2
M MacDonald2
Not Signed in2
R Henareni2
not signed in2
V Simpson2
C Perry2
Dave Harcourt1
G Bromley1
Bess Homer1
I McCafferty1
G McLennon1
I Henderson1
S Meldrum1
B Mucklow1
A Hutchinson1
J Millar1
Paul Davies1
I Baillie1
J0 Foulkes1
Mhairi MacDonald1
C Choi1

Total Number of helms taking part in races is 94
Number of races sailed 137
Average number of boats per race 4.93
Total number of race starts 676

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